Thursday, 24 September 2015

Removing dust

While i remove dust from this blog, i must sincerely apologies to all readers of mudility blog for the long absence. It's not intentional but i may still deserve some flogging if you

I think it would be appropriate to update you on some events while i was away. Where do i even start from??(wink). Please am really sorry because this post will be be very looooooooooooooonnnngg..

Okay, It was in first week of may. I was so furious due to the time and transport money i had wasted to attend a GLND(abi na GNLD sef? wot ever,wink) seminar. Anger was written all over my face as i storm out their conference hall along adesuwa road in Benin city. I blamed myself for not seeing the signs earlier until i arrived the gate. I almost turned back, but i was curious to see Mr. Adebayo, the wizard dude that sent me the invite.